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Roof replacement

As soon has you notice wear and tear on your primary shingles like cracking, buckling and corners lifting up you must quickly replace your roof system before having serious problems like water infiltration.

Roof repairs

You have noticed that some of your roof shingles are no longer stuck together, are lifted up or there are a few missing. Most of the time, roof repairs are necessary when gusts of wind take away shingles that are not properly installed and/or of poor quality, when there is water infiltration in a precise area of the roof or when the roofing sealant is cracked or unstuck. Our team of experts will offer you durable and reliable solutions.

Snow removal

Roof snow removal is a precautionary measure to protect the structural integrity of the building that you can’t neglect. Here are the signs indicating that the weight of the snow on your roof has a considerable impact on your home: new cracks on the ceiling, the frictions of the doors and unusual creaks.

To make sure to not damage your roof covering and for security matters, call our team of professionals. Please fill in the request for submission and we will gladly send you a free quote.


Ice dam removal

Ice dams can form themselves on the flange of the roof when there is poor isolation in the attic. For a free evaluation please fill in our quote form and we will happily help you.

Gutter clean up

Cleaning up the gutters is very important and is sadly often neglected. It is recommended that the gutter as well as the descents be cleaned twice a year: in spring and just before winter so it can prevent many problems such as water infiltrations.
For an effective and a complete gutter clean up, please fill the quote form and it will be a pleasure for us to send you quickly a free quote.

Gutter installation

The gutters and the descents are an important component of rainwater management to protect the building’s integrity. The experts of No Problem Roofing offer a modern and high performance gutter system that respond to all the industry standards. Moreover, the estrangement of the rainwater from your house foundation with gutter extensions.

Roof insulation

The insulation has a direct impact on the cost on your energy consumption as well as the home comfort since it mitigates heat loss. We favor a hybrid thermal insulation made of spray polyurethane and blown cellulose so we can combine all the benefits of the two types of materials. The polyurethane is made of 80% recycled bottles and it offers a rigid insulation while the blown insulation is very effective and evenly waterproof.


The ventilation in the attic plays an essential role for the roof system longevity. The air circulation needs to be optimal in the winter to prevent water infiltration problems, moisture or important heat loss. In summer times, it is fundamental that the over heated air be pulled outside for a better comfort of your home and to protect the lifetime of the materials.